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brushesThe Ultimate Makeup Dos and Don’ts!

True make up tips to enhance all of your given features

Makeup tips are over flowing through-out fashion magazines, internet beauty blogs, and so many other forms such as Youtube tutorial videos. We are so bombarded with advice from so many different sources. We realize that many of these individuals are all well-intentioned, however, most of this so called “advice” is completely impractical and only causes greater confusion. Worse of all, following some of the recommendations can be quite harmful to your skin and overall health.

Rather than you sorting out all the good tips from the not so good tips, our Cosmetician cops have compiled a list of the Sheriff Professional makeup Dos and Don’ts. If you follow these tips no matter your skill level, you can and will achieve a gorgeous look without wasting your hard earned money and without the risk of damaging your skin or health!

Now that’s just beautiful!


Always match your foundation exactly to your skin tone. Apply foundation from your cheek down past your jaw line. Never apply foundation on your neck, but you do want to make sure it looks as natural as possible from your face to your neck.

To keep foundations looking natural, apply foundation on your eyelids up to the brow. When you apply foundation to your eyelids it helps your eyeshadow to go on smoothly and cover any redness, giving your entire face a smooth and even appearance.

Always use a complimentary makeup shade. Treat your makeup as an outfit you’re wearing on your face. Example, if you are wearing a pink lip color shade, make sure that your blush is in a similar color family. You would never wear a pink top with an orange skirt would you? You should NOT wear that on your face either.

Always apply eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible. Our soft black (Cactus), or our charcoal brown (Rococo) shades can beautifully enhance your lashes and frame your eyes. Be sure to get the liner between the lashes; we recommend using a magnifying mirror to ensure that you have placed it exactly. If your eyelids have become droopy at the outer corners, make sure that the eyeliner turns up slightly, so you DONT emphasize the drooping.

Get good makeup brushesOn the lower lash line, for daytime makeup, it is advised to use a softer color than you use on the upper lash line. When you line all the way around your eyes in black this creates an extreme look that is best for nighttime, if ever.

Helpful Hint: Did you know that Powder eye shadow and Pigments can also be worn as eyeliner? You can apply it wet or dry with our fine tip professional makeup brush. (See brushes under accessory tab).

Always define and shade your eyes. Eyeshadow is all about making your eyes standout and enhancing your eye area, not coloring it. It’s advised not to use eyeshadow colors that match your blue eyes Example: if you have blue eyes then do not use a blue eyeshadow. Blue eyeshadow does not make blue eyes look better, it just appears out of date and overdone, and this is why we rarely see examples of this in fashion magazines. Shades of brown: Sheriff Professional offers dozens and dozens, all the way to black, allowing for a truly amazing range of sophisticated, glamorous, elegant and classic looks.

Always take into consideration the intensity of your blush with your skin tone. For those that have light skin then pale pink, rose or peach shades are extremely flattering. Avoid deep berry or plum shades, which can make your cheek area appear to be bruised. In contrast, women with a medium to tan skin tone look classic with berry or plum-hued blush, and also can use russet, or even mahogany tone based shades.

Always invest in professional makeup brushes. You’ll be so surprised at how professional your makeup application looks when you have applied it with full-sized, high –quality brushes that Sheriff Professional offers. Investing in professional cosmetics brushes is the wisest move you can make!

Always refer to a magnifying mirror. What you do not see you cannot fix; for example, make up settling into fine lines around your lips or eyes or even the folds around your mouth. By applying a little powder directly over the line, and blending upwards and out, you will keep everything in place, but you must be able to see it up close to do this correctly. We suggest a magnification mirror of at least 4X or greater, (depending on your eyesight, of course) will work the best.

Purchase Sheriff Professional magnification mirrors under our accessory tab


One should never wear full makeup every day. Consider a simpler look for daily life; it isn’t necessary to wear a full eye design every day. Foundation, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyebrow shapers, if required, a little powder, and mascara are plentiful. Eyeshadow is wonderful but with our busy lives is also very time consuming to apply properly. When in a rush it is advised to skip the step of applying eyeshadow, as a rushed eyeshadow application is just that and it will look bad.

It is advised to stay away from emollient/greasy concealers on the under-eye area or any blemishes. Emollient products will clog pores and slip into lines … all day long.
Never use a concealer that is too dark or light. If the correct shade of color concealer is not chosen it will make your eye area look strange. Use a fresh-tone concealer (no yellow, orange, or lavender tones) your concealer should be a shade or two lighter than your foundation.

Never skip lip color application. Putting a pop of color to your lips brightens up a washed out face and creates a polished overall look. Have fun experiment to see what colours intensities the best look for your skin tone, Never be afraid to stand out and be bold. Keep in mind that larger lips do better with softer shades and small, thin lips look best with brighter, vivid colors.

Helpful Hint: Red lips if you want to make a beautiful, dramatic statement; just keep the shade on the brighter side, as opposed to magenta, purple, or brown. You can always tell if you have a beautiful lip color that is a match to your skin tone by the number of compliments you get from your friends and family.

Overdone makeupNever put on too much mascara. Mascara that is clumped is quite distracting needless to say quite messy looking.

Never stripe your Blush on to those great cheekbones. Use our Professional Blush Brush with one of our soft colors of blush; apply it using light sweeping strokes. One should never see lines where the blush starts and stops. Blending is key; try a little powder over your blush this also helps to soften any lines.

Never overdo your eyebrows. Drawing brows on with a pencil, too thin, overly sparse, strongly arched, or just too heavy or thick can add age to your years; plus they can also look harsh and dated. If you’re not sure what you can do with your brows, make an appointment with a brow specialist, they will be able to guide you to the correct brow shape.

One should never glob on lip gloss. Too much gloss can make you appear like you are drooling instead of adding beautiful shine. If you have lines around your mouth area, avoid glossy, slick, or creamy lipsticks as they’ll bleed into the fine lines, and they will not last past-mid morning.

Never get too carried away with glitter and shine. Little extra glitter and shine can spice up an evening look, but it is best avoided during the day.

Never over-moisturize around your eyes. When one over moisturizes, concealers and foundations tend to travel right into the very fine lines that you are trying to hide. If you feel that you require additional moisturizer around your eyes, applying it at night after you have removed your makeup is suggested along with a lighter-weight product during the day.

Now that you know all the Cosmetician Cop Dos and Don’ts, with little practice and our quality products, you’ll be on your way to being gorgeous, healthy and vibrant in little time!

Don’t forget to check back again as we are always adding new, creative and fun makeup tips and trends.

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