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Special Effects SPX – Air Brushing


AirbrushThis program is for Personal use only and is not suitable for the Professional MUA.

Requirements: all material and equipment is supplied.

Have you always wanted to learn how to have red-carpet worthy looking skin, which is as flawless as what you see on celebrities? Indulge in flawless makeup that delivers perfect looking skin.

Let our professional makeup artist teach you how you can achieve this perfect look every day.

During our air brush personal bootcamp you will learn the following:

  • How to prime with primer for a truly flawless finish
  • How to apply a flawless foundation
  • How to apply airbrush blush to the apple of your cheeks
  • How to highlight your amazing features
  • How to apply a perfect pout lip that will last


Course Cost: Contact us


Airbrush like the celebritiesOur Pro Airbrushing Level I makeup class is a great introductory for professional Makeup Artists. Airbrush makeup is growing in popularity in film, TV, theater and sunless tanning, but it is mostly famous in HD (High Definition) work for its even, sheer, and natural appearance.

This course covers:

  • Mastering a wide range of Airbrushing techniques using HD-Quality Makeup
  • Airbrush control – precision – speed techniques
  • The essentials of Airbrushing
  • How to color match and correct skin imperfections
  • Airbrush equipment
  • How to use, clean and look after an airbrush machine
  • Stencils, freehand techniques for bridal, fashion and fantasy makeup
  • Foundation
  • Blushers

Airbrush kit supplies provided by Sheriff Professional


Course Cost: Contact School


With new technology and better picture quality with HD TV the makeup industry is in demand to create perfect and vibrant skin. Using Airbrush makeup, you will be able to achieve celebrity worthy makeup looks.

Learning the art of Airbrushing will provide you with an invaluable set of high demand skills allowing you the opportunity to expand your creativity, and enhancing your services and bringing your freelance business to a new level.

Professional Air Brushing Level II. Students must complete basic Airbrushing program level I prior to enrollment into the Level II program. Students will observe their makeup in front of an HD camera. Special instruction will be given on products and their appearance in print. Practical sessions will include application and paying attention to fine details on the eyes and contouring and highlighting with an air brush machine.

This course covers:

  • Fine detail
  • 3D shading
  • Eyeshadow design
  • Contouring, highlighting color correction, shadowing and blending
  • Mixing colors to make the perfect blend
  • Full body airbrush
  • How to incorporate the Airbrush machine into becoming a better Makeup Artist
  • Portfolio shoot includes print material

Airbrush kit supplies provided by Sheriff Professional

Note upon completion: Graduates will receive a credit towards the purchase of an Airbrush machine and HD Foundation purchase.

DURATION: One Week + Photo Shoot session

Course Cost: Contact School


Q: What can I benefit by taking this program?

A: If you are not using or familiar with airbrush makeup applications, you have dated yourself. You will be able to offer your clients more options then your competition.

Q: Do I have to have an airbrush machine to take the classes?

A: No, all product and equipment are supplied by our School.

Q: Can I buy an airbrush machine from Sheriff Professional upon completion on the program?

A: Yes, we offer our students a discount on the airbrush machines and foundation products upon graduation of the program.

Q: What classes do I have to take prior to enrollment into the Airbrush programs offered at your School?

A: Students must have taken and completed our Beauty and Bridal segment as this is a prerequisite program to any advanced classes.

Q: I have taken a professional makeup program at a different school, am I able to enroll into the program?

A: Yes, please contact us at the school with proof of your classes and certification. Our administration department will review your credentials.

Q: Will I receive a certificate for this program?

A: Yes, upon successful completion you will receive a certificate from our school showing that you have completed the program.

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