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Personal – Mobile MUA Classes


This 3-hour fun filled bootcamp is designed to teach you the tricks of the trade. Professional makeup artists will teach you trade secrets to great looking makeup for yourself. This is not designed for students pursuing a professional career, but is for anyone wanting to learn how to apply their own makeup like a professional.

  • Learn how to apply fantastic day makeup simply and quickly, as well as methods that will turn day makeup into a more glamourous evening look.
  • Bootcamp includes everything you need: foundation, concealers, eye color and mascara, lipstick, lip liner, skin care, skin preparation, brushes and tools. 
  • In our step-by-step class exercises, you will learn how to have amazing makeup everyday as well as for every special occasion. We will show you how to enhance your features to capture the best you!

Duration: 3-hour session runs monthly or by private appointment

Hours: 1-4pm afternoons or 6-9pm evenings

Course Cost: $179.99 – 50% deposit required at the time of booking


Let our professional instructors teach you how you can achieve the absolute perfect look everyday.

During our airbrush personal bootcamp you will learn:

  • How to use the Sheriff Professional airbrush machine, along with how to care for your machine
  • How to prime with our primer for a truly flawless finish
  • How to apply a flawless foundation
  • How to apply airbrush makeup to the apples of the cheeks
  • How to highlight your amazing features
  • How to apply a long-lasting perfect pout to your lips

Course Cost: $249.99

Credit: Upon successful completion of this bootcamp, students are entitled to a $49.99 credit towards a purchase of a personal airbrush compressor and foundation purchase.

Material Required: All material will be provided during the class.

About the Academy

Sheriff Professional Academy is a private makeup school. Our instructors are passionate about teaching makeup artistry set to the highest standards and we have been doing so for over half a decade. Due to high demand Sheriff Professional went mobile, offering our exclusive mobile makeup bootcamps throughout Canada in 2011.

Our high standards, along with our advanced teaching methods, have been commended by some of the top industry professionals and our reputation speaks for itself. Our graduates are worldwide beauty industry professionals and makeup artists.

If you are seeking the highest level of education in a bootcamp environment, from the beginning to advanced levels, then look no further. Our courses are professionally led by active professional makeup artists and have been put together in such a way to give our students the skills and confidence to be able to immediately apply makeup on real clients. We keep our interactive environment friendly and safe and thoroughly creative. Our intimate group size and student-teacher ratio allows each student dedicated personal attention. Our one-on-one coaching allows students to go from “0 to 100” and qualify in a short period, whereas many other makeup courses can take months, if not years!

We offer classes to the aspiring makeup artist along with personal makeup application 1/2 day workshops.

For all further inquiries please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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